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Arthritis is NOT Normal


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Arthritis is NOT Normal

Have you heard that arthritis is a
normal part of aging?

We should not use normal and
common interchangeably. Yes,
arthritis is seen more commonly
in the older population but it is
not normal.

Why would a lack of mobility, loss
of space between two bones, pain
and extra, poor quality bone be
considered normal?
Type II Diabetes is expected to double
affecting 4.2 million Canadians by
2020. Do you consider diabetes
normal as more people are
diagnosed with it?
With all we know about the human
body, it doesn’t make sense that
your body would lose functionality
just because you age.
And if arthritis was a “normal” part of
aging why doesn’t everyone have it?
Dr. DJ, Dr. Brad and I have analyzed
thousands of x-rays and you will not
find two that look the exact same.
Why do we have people come in
with different levels of spinal decay
in the neck compared to their low
back in the same individual?
Their neck is the same age as their
low back so should they not have
the same level of arthritis, if it was
just due to age?
The human body responds appropriately
to the stress placed on it.
Unfortunately, we are starting to see
arthritis show up in people’s 20’s.
So why does arthritis happen?
Arthritis is a result of a lack of
motion in a joint (hypomobility). When
your spinal joints stop moving through
the entire range of its motion, scar
tissue starts to form.

Cramer et al. (2010) found that hypomobility
was time-dependent. The longer your
joints are stuck the more scar tissue
hat builds up in and between your
joints and the more degeneration
(arthritis) willoccur.
There is no drug, surgery or
exercise regime that can restore
the full mobility of your joints.
This is why chiropractic care is essential
to a full and healthy spine as we
are the only healthcare practitioners
specially trained to detect
hypomobile joints and restore full
The majority of you sit for 8 hours
per day; that’s an average of 32 years
spent sitting!
This lack of movement makes us more
prone to scar tissue forming.
It seems like common-sense but many
people don’t know that the best way
to prevent arthritis is to keep your joints
The more you move after and between
your adjustments, the healthier your
spine will be.
Wishing everyone all the best this
Yours in health,
Dr. Tamara