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Is this Safe?

Good morning practice members!
We at Full Potential Chiropractic love taking care of you
and your loved ones. It makes us especially happy
when you share with us that you are adding to your families.
This fall seemed especially busy in the office with pregnancy news.
One common question asked was whether it was safe
to still receive chiropractic care while pregnant.

Chiropractic is important to maintain optimal health
and nervous system function in everyone, especially
pregnant women.
There are big changes that happen with hormones and
skeletal structure during pregnancy making it even more
important that they receive chiropractic care.
Relaxin is released throughout pregnancy, causing loosening
of ligaments, especially in the pelvis.
This is great as the baby grows but it makes it easier for your bones
to shift out of alignment and cause pain in the low back,
pelvis and hips.
Misalignments in the spine will also compromise
the mother’s nerve supply to vital organ systems
and put stress on the uterus.
When the pelvis is out of balance the supporting
ligaments connected to the uterus tighten and twist causing
tension in the uterus limiting space for development and
decreasing the ability of the baby to get into proper position for birth.
This can lead to dystocia (difficult birth) where labour is long,
painful and more likely to require medical interventions that
carry risks to mom and baby such as pitocin,
vacuum extraction, forceps, excessive force on an infants
delicate spine and possibly even cesarean section.
Chiropractic looks to correct these misalignments to
remove stress from the mother’s nervous system.
Research has found that pregnant women who receive
chiropractic care can not only experience more comfortable
pregnancies but labour as well.
Adjustments are safe and gentle for mom and the baby.
At the clinic, we have adjustable tables and pregnancy
pillows to make your adjustment as comfortable as it can be.
Of course, if you or a friend have any questions please
feel free to ask us.
We love to help!
Dr. Tamara