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At Full Potential Chiropractic, our administrative team will normally be your first contact with our clinic. Besides welcoming you to our clinic, our Admin team will help you fill out any necessary paperwork and help coordinate your financial/insurance needs.

Our Admin Team all have strong interpersonal communication skills
to help answer your questions and concerns.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Shauna New

Shauna E.

Shauna’s Chiropractic story started when she was 10 years old. Her mother took her to see her chiropractor after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She continued with care after the injuries from the accident were resolved.  Just before she graduated high school that same chiropractor hired her in his office, to learn office administration. She knew then that Chiropractic would be a permanent part of her life.

She continued her education by completing many Administrative programs at SAIT and worked for a couple different offices before getting married. It was when her children were born that she stepped back from the office.

Both of her children have had chiropractic care since the week they were born, and she and her family continue to receive care, keeping them as healthy as possible.

Shauna continued to practice Administration helping her husband with his busy plumbing business until she felt it was time for her to return to the chiropractic office. That is when she started working for Dr. LeDrew in May of 2018. She is happy to be a part of the Full Potential Chiropractic Family.

In her spare time, she enjoys keeping active with yoga, walking her neighborhood, and enjoys paper crafting, and spending time with her family.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Maya Chiropractic Assistant

Maya D.

My chiropractic journey began in 2016 after I had my daughter. A year into motherhood, I started to experience lower back pain and knew I didn't want to just 'live with the pain'. I didn't want the misalignment to cause me more pain and furthermore dysfunction in the rest of my body. My husband recommended I go seek chiropractic care and I'm glad he did.

After doing some research on where I should go, Dr. DJ LeDrew popped up as one of the Top Three Best Chiropractors in the city. In addition to that good news, his clinic was a 2-minute drive away from my house. I feel Blessed that I found one of the best Doctors to take care of my spinal health. This to me is very vital and so important in all aspects of our everyday lives. Now, I'm even happier that every day I get to help other patients and be part of the success and positivity at Full Potential.

Chiropractic Calgary SW Nadine Meet Team

Nadine H.

From an early age, Nadine's vibrant spirit led her to embrace an active lifestyle, reveling in the great outdoors and engaging in an array of sports, including soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing. It was eight years ago when she first discovered the chiropractic care provided by our exceptional team, seeking relief from lower back discomfort. Since that moment, she's made chiropractic adjustments a regular part of her life, enabling her to sustain her dynamic and active pursuits.

With a background in client care and a wealth of experience in the tourism industry across Canada and Europe, Nadine has honed her skills in providing top-notch service and care. Over the past decade, she's dedicated her professional journey to the health care sector, where her passion for wellness and self-care has found its true calling.

Nadine's commitment to a holistic approach to well-being, combined with her love for an active lifestyle, makes her a dedicated advocate for personal health and happiness. She's here to support and inspire you on your own path to wellness.

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