Calgary Chiropractor helps with Car Accident Injuries


Hello Practice Members and Devout Readers in Calgary,

As fall comes to a close and winter come upon us, it’s time to address an unwanted reality… A car accident.

No one anticipates getting into a car accident, but almost everyone that has the misfortune to get into one will have some negative physical effect as a result.

Whether it is just a minor fender bender or serious, multi-car crash, your body will absorb the force. Chiropractic treatment for car accidents injuries in Calgary is unique to each individual to get the maximum benefit possible.

I can’t tell you how often someone will tell me it was just a minor accident. I will ask “how fast was the car going that hit you?” The answer goes..”Oh, only 50 km/h or so!!” Many people don’t realize the significant damage that happens under the surface, even with a minor accident. Studies show that being rear ended at just 5 mph
can fracture tiny bones in your neck called uncinate processes.

Neck, shoulder and back injuries are some of the most common issues chiropractors see after a car accident.

Whiplash occurs when your cervical spine or neck is abruptly “whipped” backward and then forward, damaging the surrounding muscles, ligaments, discs
and joints of the spine.

This injury often happens as the result of a rear-end collision, when the recipient doesn’t know it’s coming.

Along with the whipping effect comes muscle stiffness and pain in the days and weeks after the accident.

Sometimes, when a driver or passenger sees the impact coming, they will tense up their muscles in anticipation.

This can cause them to end up with strained back muscles, neck muscles or shoulder muscles and cause even more damage than if they weren’t expecting it.

But the biggest concern for me as your chiropractor,


No SYMPTOMS at all after the accident.

I have had many patients present to the clinic months after a minor car accident with symptoms of a Whiplash Associated Disorder. The problem is… It’s had 6 months for the damages to progress. (NOT GOOD) It’s crucial to get an examination in the first 10 days after the accident. Preferably, as soon as possible. We can often identify the injuries before they become more serious. While your chiropractic treatment for car accidents will be customized to match your specific injuries, some of the more common treatment methods include:

Spinal Adjustments
Muscle therapy
Specific exercises to address the area
Lifestyle advice to address ergonomic issues that cause pain
Laser Therapy
Every chiropractic treatment plan for car accidents will include a thorough consultation and specific MVA examination to determine the extent of the damage
and the best course of action to find a solution.

Since everyone’s body is different, and every car accident is different, the treatment must be customized to the individual to achieve lasting results. Although the specific treatment protocols will vary, the overriding concept of addressing the cause first remains the same.

Typically, when someone is experiencing pain as the result of a car accident, the idea is to mask the pain with pain medication.

While this may provide immediate pain relief, the problem that is causing the pain is probably still there.

Our Calgary chiropractors will investigate, and get to the underlying cause of the pain. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, CALL the office IMMEDIATELY at 403-204-0084. We will make sure to get you in that day or the next.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dr. DJ LeDrew D.C.