The First Chiropractic Adjustment


Good morning FPC Family in Calgary, AB!

It’s that time a year again where we celebrate the anniversary of the
first chiropractic adjustment, which took place on September 18th, 1895.
It was on this day that D.D. Palmer gave a deaf man, Harvey Lillard, the first chiropractic adjustment.
After a couple of treatments, his hearing had significantly improved!

Harvey had been deaf for 17 years. He recalled having an injury to his spine around the same time he lost his hearing.
D.D. Palmer didn’t give a special “deaf” adjustment. He removed a block in Harvey’s nervous system that had altered his hearing.
New research continues to come out about the positive effect of an adjustment on one’s nervous system function.

Dr. Heidi Haavik is a leader in chiropractic research. Her most recent study, published in Brain Sciences (2017),
found that the chiropractic adjustment increases muscle strength, body awareness, balance and upper and
lower limb control.
Associating chiropractic solely with pain relief in your neck or back is old news. The adjustment has a “neuro-
physiological effect” on your system. It alters the neurology and physiology of your body.
Dr. Haavik has already conducted research on Olympic level athletes showing large increases in their strength when under
chiropractic care.
She is currently studying improvements in motor control of stroke patients from chiropractic adjustments.
Chiropractic improves your quality of life. The better your brain functions to process, coordinate and send orders, the healthier
and happier you will be!

This is why you will often hear us ask questions about your health that have little to do with pain.

Are you having troubles focusing?

Are your sinuses giving you trouble?

Have your bowel movements changed?

Are you noticing loss of strength in
your hands?

These are all signs of nervous system stress, which prevent you from functioning at your highest level.

Please join us in celebrating chiropractic’s birthday by getting an adjustment and enjoying all of the specials that day.

Have a happy & healthy Sunday!