Are Your Neck Muscles Making Your Legs Weak?

Are Your Neck Muscles Making Your Legs Weak?


Have you ever noticed that us docs at Full Potential are constantly checking your ankles before we go and adjust your neck?

Did you ever wonder what that’s all about?

It doesn’t intuitively make sense does it?

Grab your ankles then go to your neck, create the release, then check your ankles and tell you “you’re good” or “nicely balanced”. Yup – and all with a really great results to boot!

Do you think it’s possible for your tight neck muscles to actually cause your hamstrings to tighten up? It actually happens all the time!

“To generate power, you need mobility. To have mobility, you need stability. Proximal stability feeds distal mobility. Instability signals the brain and nervous system to put the brakes on power output because it feels threatened. A lack of stability is a threat to your nervous system. If the deep core stabilizing system of your body is unstable, your nervous system will simply recruit more superficial power amplifiers to take over.

One of the most common relationships is inhibition (weakness) of the deep neck flexors to facilitation (tightness) in the hamstrings. Lack of stability in the neck causes a reflex compensation in the hamstrings to take over the job of the neck flexors.”

Here’s the bottom line: the brain controls EVERYTHING!

It’s really tempting to forget that at times. Does your neck hurt?

Is your upper back sore? Do you have low back pain?

Is that pain an anomaly or is it that your brain is doing EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do? What do you think would happen to your total health if we all started to pay appropriate attention (with the utmost respect!!!) to the brains incredible capacity to do what it’s designed to do? Another way to put it is – what’s going on in your life that you can be respectfully responsible for that would make a real difference in your complete health?

Something that your brain’s been telling you the best way it knows how but you haven’t been listening to because the pain isn’t bad enough yet?

Maybe it’s setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier to take that little extra time to meditate before you start your day.

Maybe it’s doing a yoga class once or twice a week.

Maybe it’s making a point to come in for your adjustment BEFORE your back or neck pain really bind you up and put you in a hole.

Maybe that thing is getting some facts about nutrition and how to really take control of your body’s fuel source!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to the bottom of how to eat healthfully once and for all… get off the tread mill, put your doubts aside and figure it out???

It’s actually not that hard but the misinformation out there is RAMPANT!

Come out to our talk June 2nd on HOW TO EAT YOURSELF THIN and we’ll show you the way…and we’ll show you how to work out very effectively in just a few minutes/week as an added bonus!

BTW – your nervous system controls your leg lengths and when your neck is interfering with that process it gives us clues that show up in your extremities. That’s why we check your ankles before we adjust your fantastic necks…

Remember…with the exception of extremely rare cases your brain does not make mistakes. The problem for most of us is we refuse to listen until there’s a crisis.

Don’t wait! Come out on June 2nd and cut through all the misinformation (…and maybe get that fabulous bikini body you’ve been waiting for!!!)

Yours in fabulous health,

Dr. Greg