How To Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain at Stampede

Happy Stampede fellow Calgarians,

This week we have to do a repeat of a previous video. We have just seen way to much of this in the office!

With Stampede here, our annual cowboy boot week and indulgence., can lead to a condition known as Plantar fasciitis.

What is it…

Basically, there is a muscle tendon sheath on the bottom of your foot that can become irritated and inflamed.

The problem is, we need our feet to get around and the more we walk on our feet the worse is gets!

We tend to see a rise in plantar fasciitis in the summer, as we often wear less supportive shoes (i.e. Cowboy boots, flip flops, sandals).

Why do we get it…

There are many causes for plantar fasciitis, poor foot mechanics, poor footwear, walking on hard surfaces.


Yes…an inflammatory diet! Geez, this one always seems to come Extra spirits, pancake breakfasts, and those little doughnuts are the Plantar fascitis Perfect Storm!!

I was just reading a case study on a patient with plantar fasciitis who went on a gluten free (anti-inflammatory diet) with complete remission.

However, I typically find a multi-faceted approach to work the best.

Have one of our doctors confirm the problem and use our plantar fasciitis protocol.
Follow the video here the minute you feel foot pain.