Sleep Struggle

Good Morning Everyone in Calgary, AB!
As many of you are in and out of the city during
this time of the year I am noticing that sleep can
easily be compromised throughout the process.
It can be super frustrating! Sleep is essential
for overall health and well-being, especially in
coordination with your adjustments!
We should all be waking up refreshed and
relaxed instead of achy and stiff pain and discomfort.
Making a few changes can help reduce the pain
associated with your sleep pattern,
below are some tips to help you catch some pain-free Z’s:
Choosing the right mattress
Your mattress is your best tool for protecting
your body during your sleep.
A good mattress should distribute your weight
evenly while ensuring your lower back
keeps its proper curvature.
Your mattress should provide full body support.
If there are gaps between your body and your mattress,
you won’t get the support you need.
Also, be sure to turn your mattress upside
down every few months to prevent body indentations.
Now for some of you that are travelling:
a good technique is to use the help of a pillow
if there is space between your body and
mattress to provide extra support!
If you are a back and side sleeper,
you can use a supportive pillow and
pull it under your knees or between
your legs as you switch positions.
Choosing the right pillow to support your neck
Your main goal when looking for a pillow should
be to find one that properly supports your head
and aligns your neck with the rest of your spine.
The softness or firmness of the pillow is personal
preference and won’t factor in to the support your
pillow provides.
Chiro flow Water Base pillows are amazing
because they adapt to the curve in your neck!
Talk to our front desk if you want more information.
Mark the date September 18TH on your calendar!
Details will be provided soon.
– Dr.Simar