Spinal Health

Hello Everyone in Calgary!

Brushing your teeth everyday but what about your Spinal Hygiene?

We brush and floss our teeth everyday to maintain healthy teeth, similarly regular chiropractic care is required to maintain a healthy spine!

Dr. James Chestnut in his “Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well” Wellness and Prevention Solutions mentions that the loss of health in a spine that has never had chiropractic

care to restore and maintain spinal segmental motion is like the loss of health in teeth that have never had regular dental cleaning or dental care.

As we all know the industrial society is hard on our spines! But did you know we now sit for an average of 32 years of our lives, that stat just blows me away and to be honest is quite frightening.

Fewer and fewer people are now engaged in activities which provide sufficient spinal motion and fitness to maintain spinal health and avoid segmental loss of motion and spinal health degeneration.

Sitting for long periods of time and overall sedentary behaviors cause segmental scar tissue adhesions, inflammation, and bone density loss in the spine. The loss of spinal health can lead to decreased functional ability, increased symptoms and decreased quality of life! The less you take care of your spine, the damage becomes more and more obvious! A big give away is poor postural habits! What would happen if we stop brushing/flossing our teeth?

Obviously brutal breath but also cavities! The less you care for your spine the more the spinal “cavities” that form “plaque” like scar tissue adhesions in your spine.

Regular chiropractic care prevents scar tissue adhesions to form in the first place! Each adjustment restores healthy neurology, alignment and spinal motion!

Wishing everyone a fun-filled, energetic and healthy week ahead!

– Dr. Simar