Why Most Medical Professionals CANT HELP YOU with your Hip and Low Back Pain


Hello practice members in Calgary!

After 8.5 months I am finally back!! I’ll tell you, I didn’t realize how much I missed working with you all! I’ve always loved being a chiropractor but I didn’t realize how much joy it brings to me to be able to help people in the way that we do. I have whole new appreciation and gratitude for being a chiropractor…it’s funny how taking away what you love will do that! I can honestly say after my first couple shifts, I feel great! No pain at all.

My shoulder feels strong and stable. I will admit, I did have some concerns but I am so happy to report I am feeling 100%. I do have to thank Dr. Boorman at the U of C Sport Medicine Centre. The man is a guru and worked wonders with me! I have a true appreciation to those who dedicate their lives to master their craft and he is definitely a master.

I strive to be the same! I heard this story once about Henry Ford.

At one point, he assembled his team of engineers and tasked them with creating the first V-8 engine. The engineers all agreed that it would be impossible to design an engine with 8 cylinders cast in one block. Ford’s reply was “Produce it anyway.” His team replied by saying “But, it’s impossible!”

Ford said, “Do it anyway – stay on it until it’s done, no matter how much time it takes.”

The engineers worked on the new design for six months and had no luck. They worked another six months, and still no luck. They went back to Ford and again pleaded with him to understand that this task was impossible.

His answer was to stay on the job. He told them that he would have the V-8 engine, and he instructed them to get back to work. Finally, after years of studying, working, creating and testing, the engineers discovered how to produce Ford’s now famous V-8 engine.

When I first started in practice, I felt like I was missing something.

I had patients with awful hip pain and lower back pain…And I did what every other chiropractor did… I recommended daily icing to reduce inflammation, I would adjust their pelvis, do some muscle release and stretches. I gave the standard exercises like hip extension, hip abduction, bridging, knee lifts, mini squats, etc. Most of the time it worked but SOME of my patients still had their pain.

Now some doctors would be excited that 80% of their patients got better, but for me that wasn’t enough! In my mind, my job was very simple: I wanted 100% of my patients to get better. That’s it.

And I wasn’t accomplishing that, so I felt like a phony. After a while, I couldn’t stand feeling like this anymore, and I decided that I had to figure out how to really cure hip pain and lower back pain… ONCE AND FOR ALL. This is when I became sort of obsessed and determined, like Henry Ford was.

I guess I just KNEW it was possible to find a way to cure anyone of their nagging hip and lower back pain, and I was GOING TO FIND IT, no matter what… Largely because I couldn’t stand feeling like a phony anymore – this really drove me!

So, here’s what I did:

I went through my files of all the patients I had, that didn’t resolve 100% and I noticed some GLARING similarities.
I started studying and scrutinizing related medical research papers. In the end, I went through hundreds of these papers and studies!
I spoke with other osteopaths, physiotherapists and trainers to see if they had methods that worked to relieve hip and back pain in their clients.
Then, I brought everything I learned back to my patients, and tested and experimented… for a long time… until I finally got the results I was looking for.

I felt (and still feel) like I found some magical power, because it’s scary, and feels almost miraculous how quickly and completely people are now cured of their hip and lower back pain, with the solution I found. But there’s actually no magic to it – it really all just boils down to a simple misunderstanding that most people (and injury professionals) don’t see…


Most people have no idea where their hip and lower back pain is really coming from, and they’re all working on the wrong problem! Once they start working on the right problem, their pain EFFORTLESSLY MELTS AWAY FOR GOOD, in a few weeks, sometimes in just 7 days! If you’d like to learn more about what I discovered, click here.