To Succeed in Transforming Your Health…


Good Morning Everyone in Calgary,
I’m not much of an ART aficionado……especially when it comes to modern art.
Now if it’s a scotch, I’d have to say I dabble. But back to the art thing, I do appreciate one concept that artist Pablo Picasso taught. He said “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

I’ll put that in my own words…”To succeed in transforming your health, you have to actually do something.” If you don’t know this, just taking action has great power. If you are not sure what actions to take, let us help. We are offering our EXTREME HEALTH MAKEOVER workshop on Thursday, January 19, 2017 from 6-9.

This is a health workshop like no other…We will be sharing with you our greatest health transforming SECRETS!
1. What SILENT problem maybe holding you back
from reaching your goals.
2. The HEALING DIET that most people lose 8-10 POUNDS
with in the first 3-4 weeks.
3. How to exercise in just 12 MINUTES a DAY and get amazing
4. How to DETOXIFY your house, which common household
products are POISONING
you and your family.
5. The MINDSET needed to achieve the life of your dreams.
No abstract theories here. These are tried and tested
strategies that continue to bring success to a lot of patients.

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The program will be held at Ambrose University and the cost

is only $40 which includes your work book!

We only have room for 50 people and this event always sells out! So, please reply to this email and secure your spot before they are gone. (This is an open event, friends and family are welcome.)
Whether you use our systems or not, remember, you can make things happen if you turn off the media and the other nay-sayers, chart a course and…

Take action!

Dr. DJ
P.S. Thank you to everyone for your donations and gifts. We still have 14 spots available for New Patients this month. If you know anyone who needs our help, they save on their exam and you get
5 TICKETS in the draw for the 55 TV!
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1. Come for an adjustment 1 ticket
2. Write a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp 2 tickets
3. Refer a loved one 5 tickets