This Isn't Pretty…

Good Morning Everyone,

Here at Full Potential Chiropractic our goal and passion is to create a positive health change in our community! We want to make sure that our patient’s spine and nervous system are fully functional and that our patients are not only feeling great but stronger over the course of care. When I say the word ‘stronger’, I am talking about muscle strength to keep upright posture but I am also referring to a body with proper alignment and functional nervous system and therefore stronger ability to function at it’s BEST.

The topic I want to discuss with you today is HUNCHBACKS.

When we think hunchbacks we often picture in our heads an old cute little lady walking by crunched over with a huge hump on her back, right?

Nowadays that entire notion of seniors being the only ones with hunchbacks has changed tremendously. What’s scary is that CHILDREN, TEENS, MIDDLE AGED WOMEN AND MEN are all susceptible to this not so attractive posture.

What is causing hunchbacks to increase in our population today?

1. Chronic cell phone usage

Texting, Emailing, checking those funny memes our friends send us … one way or another A LOT of time is put towards checking our phones throughout the day. Our posture while using cell phones is brutal. Why? Its because we are chronically looking down! Most people are slouching while looking down and that ultimately is building muscle memory unfortunately for incorrect posture.

2. Sitting

We all hear that ‘sitting is the new smoking’, but what does that really mean? A good example to help us understand is taking a trip down memory lane, when we were younger we barely sat on a chair in comparison to the number of hours to we sit daily nowadays. Back then we were active, running around, always on our feet which was great! Now most of us sit in our cars, sit at work and sit when we get home! Imbibition is a term used to describe the mechanism of spinal hydration, your disc gets hydrated when you walk! The problem is that most of us are not walking as much as we need to. Sitting for long hours leads to slouching and ultimately an increased curvature in the mid back.

3. Weak Abdominal and Back muscles

Sometimes we just let ourselves go, we forget how important it is to keep our core engaged and instead let our guts hang, and let our shoulders roll forward. Do you ever notice that when you go for a walk or start an exercise routine you start becoming more aware of your posture? Standing upright with your belly sucked in? That’s how we should be! but unfortunately in the case of hunchbacks our bodies are great at adapting, its not so great when they start adapting to poor postural habits!

There is NO age at which hunchbacks are attractive! It is harder to get rid of a hunchback once you already have one, but way easier to avoid and prevent with chiropractic care!

Adjustments create an amazing difference in correcting posture! If you are reading this and know someone that would benefit from treatment for posture, please feel free to forward this article!

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