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Most patients, logically and understandably, want to know how long it usually takes to
restore spinal health and function and, of course to start feeling better in Calgary.

The most important thing to understand is that these are two very separate questions
and, to the surprise of many, often not causally related.

Restoring spinal motion and spinal health/function and feeling better are very highly related
but how quickly you feel better is very difficult to predict.

This is because pain is an EMOTIONAL experience and it is effected by a multitude
of variables that can change quickly.

Experienced pain levels can rise and fall from day to day base on mood, emotional
distraction and particularly lifestyle habits.

This is why acute pain levels are not a valid or accurate measure of health and function
or even severity of your loss of health and function.

This is why at Full Potential,we FOCUS on our objective functional exam tests.

Your level of comfort should significantly improve with time as your spinal health
improve but whether this happens gradually, very quickly at first and then more
gradually or slowly at first and then more rapidly, is IMPOSSIBLE to predict.

No honest practitioner would ever tell you otherwise.

Of course drugs can numb you very quickly but the research is clear about two things.

1. This effect diminishes over time as the side effects increase.
2. This never addresses the underlying cause of pain or restores health and function.

How long it take to restore spinal health and function is something that is well documented
based on the three phases of soft tissue healing.

1. The acute inflammatory phase – lasts about 72 hours and is where blood vessels become
deliberately leaky in order to allow healing factors to be released into the damaged tissues.

2. The repair stage – lasts about 6 weeks and this is where scar tissue is rapidly deposited in a random
fashion in order to prevent further damage.

3. The remodelling stage – last up to 12 months an is where scar tissue is properly aligned in order to provide
the strongest and most durable long term repair.

Research is clear that full range of motion of joints and tissues is a requirement to achieve proper healing.

That is why chiropractic care has PROVEN time and again to be the most effect spinal healthcare intervention

Chiropractic adjustments and Spinal fitness exercises restore proper motion through the joints and tissues as they heal,

producing long term restoration of health and function.

As your spinal motion is restored and your tissues repair, you will transition from more frequent acute
care to much less frequent maintenance care.
Combined with spinal fitness exercises and lifestyle recommendations you do at home.
The more you follow the care protocols, the better, faster and more complete your recovery.
I just wanted to take the time to clarify why we make the recommendations we do.
We follow the best available literature on how the body heals.
It is never about money with us, it’s about addressing the underlying cause and making sure you experience results.
Hope that helps,
Dr. DJ LeDrew D.C.
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